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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Meg & Francis

Meg is another old friend with TCS we met at the CCA Retreat. Unfortunately, we forgot to get a shot of Francis! We love them both!
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  1. KTQT!

    Hi Katie, this is Susan, Perris' mom. . . I don't know if you remember but I live in St Paul (Minnesota). That's near where Perris grew up in Wisconsin. Summer is our favorite season here because it's so green and there's a festival every weekend somewhere. This weekend is a jazz festival about a block away in a park. It's nice to hear the music and to walk over for a song or two. Did you know I am a beekeeper? I have a hive of bees on a rooftop downtown here. They are really fun to watch.

    In a beehive most of the bees are girls (you go girls) and they work together like no other society. There's one queen who spends her whole life laying eggs. There are a few drones (boys) and all they do is lay around the hive until they get kicked out in the fall. Most of the hive is "worker" bees, which are girls. (That's about 60,000 bees!) They each have a job. . . there are door guards, scouts, nannies, house keepers, and nectar fetchers. They all work together to help the next generation be strong and successful. Everything they do is to support the queen and babies. I really love their example and dedication!

    I want to tell you that I appreciate your example too. You are doing a very hard thing and you have help with family and friends to do it. We all have our own hard things to do in life, and we should find support in the people around us. We need to work together! I only have one queen in my hive, her name is Laurie. The next hive I get, I'll name my queen "Katie" after you.

    Good luck on Monday - Susan

    PS: You'd make a great jockey

  2. Katie is really looking great!! So wonderful to hear she is doing so much better and able to enjoy her outings. I'll keep the prayers going.